What does love mean?

Since February is around the corner, and it is known for the month of love, I thought it would be appropriate blog post to discuss. By all means, love isn’t just appropriate  for one month. Love should not be categorized for only a certain period of time. We should always live our lives daily with overwhelming love. As I like to do, I found the definition of love.

Love – /ləv/ n.) An intense feeling of deep affection v.) to have love or affection for

So what does love mean to you?  I asked my 6 year old niece what love meant to her and her answer was simple; it means sweet. At first, I thought she did not understand the question but she further explained that love is sweet. Her love for her parents is because they are sweet, as well as chocolate. However, my lovely Mother’s definition of love is more serious.To her, love means having that warm feeling, that we all know about, and being close to someone. As you can see, love means different things to everyone. There is no right or wrong answer to what love really means.

So let me get a little personal. What does love mean to you? What’s the deepest definition of love?

Recently I was reminded how love can have several affects and emotions. Granted there are several types of love, but in this case I am going to talk about the type of love you desire in a relationship with a special someone. To clarify that we are on the same page, yes I am talking about the love that you have for your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband.

Now, some might think I am out of my place for writing such a subject, since I have not personally experience it myself. But I am here to say I do not have to personally experience love to enjoy the beauty it offers. As I have said before, I can be the most hopeless romantic and still not be naive about love. I am a firm believer of God’s perfect someone for everyone. I think we as a generation lose the sense of love. It is something we have to work at. I will be the first to admit how we attend to think love should be and we have TV shows and movies to blame for that. It’s human nature for us wanting to have that happy ending and  by all means, that’s fantastic. But to be perfectly honest, I feel like it has brainwashed us sometimes. Yes, love is kind but it can also be cruel, if it is not right.

The reason why I say how love is objectified in today’s generation is because a lot of people are so carefree. Carefree in what they look for. Carefree on how they act. Carefree on who they give their heart to. One particular show that comes to mind is, of course, “The Bachelor“. I watched one episode where one girl talked to him on the phone a couple of times and already knew that they were perfect for each other. In fact, she drove across the country to where she was going to tell him how she felt. Now I know it is a show that’s suppose to be “reality” and it is to some extent. But my point is, we, mostly females, do this to ourselves. Thinking there is a possibility of love, can makes us a little off balanced sometimes. Now before you tell me I am bitter, I am here to tell you I am not. I am probably the most hopeless romantic out there. I believe in the butterfly feeling, the first kiss and seeing fireworks while your foot is popped. I get all giddy in the part of the movie/tv show where you finally see the two people, who you know deserve each other, finally kiss and realize they are good together. Yes, I believe in all of that, but I am a realist who’s careful. I want love. I just want it with someone who is right for me and only God knows who that is.

I know everyone’s love is different. There are some cases where people dated for 2 months, got married and have been married till death parted them. That’s an incredible love story to hear because it makes that saying, “Once you know, you know” , so magical. But what I am trying to say is please be careful, followers.  I always encourage my group of close friends to write a list of qualifications they want to have their future spouse to have. Now, this is the part where you have to be realsitic. People are not perfect. There is no such thing has a perfect human being. Once you have your list, use it as a guideline. Trust me, this will save you unnecessary heartbreak in the future once you know what you want. I want you all to guard your heart but do not shield it. Make sense? Don’t let an opportunity of love pass you by. Just make sure, that person meets your qualifications. There could be a case where he or she does, but turns out they are not the one and that is perfectly okay. “There is plenty fish in the sea.”  So I enclose this ridiculous long blog post with one of my favorite quotes that my Pastor has always said. Believe me, it gets you to thinking.

“Be the person who you want to marry”.  – Pastor Gregg Matte

And don’t forget to let love in with your head on your shoulders.

Until next time lovelies.