Graduation announcements

Graduation is almost a month away and I needed to make my graduation announcements. I didn’t want to use the college’s announcements because of two reasons. Reason number one, they were plain. Reason number 2, it was cheaper (believe it or not) to make my own. My professor took my pictures in my element at the tv studio. After I picked the ones that I liked the most, I used Shutterfly to make my graduation announcements. They were reasonably priced and I got my choice of  fifty 4X6 prints for free. Can you say bargain? I also got a fast delivery service. Now that my graduation announcements are in, I just need to mail them off.



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As we all know Breast Cancer Awareness month is October and nothing makes me prouder when my college has multiple events to raise awareness.  A couple of friends and I did some stand ups where the events were. It was great practice for me to learn on the spot what to say. I usually have it all written out and rehearse it over and over again. But today was a different story.



Nobody in my family has been directly affected with breast cancer. However, that doesn’t make me passionate about raising awareness of it. Cancer is an ugly disease that seems to be more common these days. I cannot wait till the day where cancer is no longer a problem.

Radio Show!

This year I signed up to do a radio show for Tech Radio on campus. This would be my first time to ever broadcast on the radio. My specialty is TV. However, I need to learn all aspects of broadcast. So why not? This is my last semester so better late than never.

I broadcast live every other Thursday. So next Thursday, you will be able to hear me on 91.9 KXRJ. My show doesn’t have a set structure. It is kind of random but I have enjoyed it. So far, I have brought on a couple of people to help broadcast with me. One of them is my fellow classmate who has a show right after mine. So if you want to tune in, make sure you tune in at 5. That is when I go out live.

IMG_5084Until Next Time,

                Vanessa Flores

It’s Fall y’all!

Have you seen outside? It is FINALLY FALL!  This is my favorite time of the year. When the leaves change into bright vibrant yellows, greens, and reds. When the air is cool and crisp. When the wind blows, the leaves slowly fall to the wet ground.

I am very thankful that I live in Arkansas where I can witness God’s beautiful creation change from season to season. One tradition that my mother and I have is to travel on Pig Trail  and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you haven’t been on pig trail, then I advise you to go. Especially this time of the year.

IMG_5106Until Next Time,

             Vanessa Flores

Night Photography Part 2!

I had such a fun taking night photography that I decided to do more. I live in a town where it has a beautiful lit bridge. I had to wait awhile for it to get darker, believe it or not. I had a Nikon Rebel on a tripod that a professor allow me to borrow. The settings I had for the lit bridge was at the longest shutter speed, which was at thirty seconds. The ISO was on auto but everything else I manually did.

One thing that is hard to do for night photography was focusing. There were times where I thought the picture was focused but really it wasn’t.


This picture is when I was in the car driving through the bridge. It kind of looks like I am in a toaster. Ha!


One of my favorites that I took.


Night Photography.

I am in a class where our professor wants us to take photos in the dark. I want to experiment different techniques in the dark. My first attempt was to buy glow sticks and my local craft store. I wanted to be able to leave my shutter speed on longer to able to capture all the motion that my nieces and nephew did with the glow sticks.

IMG_7526 IMG_7529 IMG_7530 IMG_7532

As you can tell from the pictures, it was a lot of fun to conduct the photos and look at the finishing project.

I change the shutter speed to see what type of photos I liked.

Until Next Time,

            Vanessa Flores

First live show

Monday was my first live show that I switched this semester for the Monday Evening News on Tech TV. This semester, we have a lot of freshmen that choose to do broadcast journalism.  So we spent a good few weeks to go over and teach them how to work the equipment and how to properly run a news show. We had a lot of eager beavers which makes the show run smoothly when you have people who want to learn.

We were the first out of the other shows during the week that went out live. In my opinion, it was the best first show that I have ever switched or worked on. We only had one little mishap with black magic, but it was manageable. To catch our show, you can tune in at 4 on channel 6 or 97.

Until Next Time,

      Vanessa Flores

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