Catching y’all up.

Yes, it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here. Mainly because my blog was an assignment to update weekly. Now that it is summer, it isn’t required for that purpose. However, since then I have a lot to write about.

When I was on vacation I tried to spend as much time as I could with this little girls.




Of course, every time I’m in, I have to see my lovelies. 

The German & I had to do some shopping at the Galleria.
IMG_4073Off to the beach!


Melissa & I decided to try on hideous muumuus as a joke. Turns out, they were actually quite comfortable. Ha!


After all that fun, it was back to work.


IMG_4483IMG_4484 Other great news that I get to share is that my long time friend had her precious baby. I had so much fun buying outfits for her beautiful baby girl. Congratulations, Jennifer.


Come on, look how cute that face is! IMG_4506

Each post, I am going to start sharing a comforting verse that I find. And this verse has been appearing to me more than once. So enjoy lovelies.


         Until Next Time,

                                               Vanessa  Flores


Keep Your Eyes Open

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote on here and might I add that there has been some changes in my life. From my last post, I mentioned about my path and how it was being split. Because of the split, I was forced to make a choice to go right or to go left. Well, I am here to say I went left.

I’ve done some major soul searching and some constant praying before I made my decision. This decision was based on a lot of factors. I went through the whole process with talking to everyone I knew, trying to give it to God, making a list that consist of Pro’s and Con’s, to even at one point where I just wanted to draw from a hat. Just for the record, my decision wasn’t based on that last one.

I remember listening to this song by one of my favorite bands. And the truth just hit me. I knew I got my answer. So now, I guess I am officially announcing that I moved back to my home state. There, I will be continuing my education. As much as I said in the past where I didn’t think I would EVER move back, it just goes to show that God has different plans for me right now. Yes, I must admit that I will deeply miss Houston but that doesn’t mean that I will never see it again. Also, only God knows where I will sink my roots.

Houston, Texas will forever be a part of me. It honestly changed my life. It is a place where I can look at and say it was where I finally, and true heartily understood Christ’s love. It is a place where not only did I become a sister to my brother and sister-in-law, but actually a friend. It is the place where I have met people that will forever impact my life, you know who you are. It is a place where I learned how to two step. A place where I got to experience things that only a small town gal like myself could only dream of. The list is infinite. Houston is infinite.


As much as it is weird to be back home, I know God wants me to keep my eyes open. Just because I am back doesn’t mean I am here for good. I picture myself living and working somewhere up North. Maybe a place where Fall is always welcomed? But the last time I said never, God laughed and uprooted me  before my roots could feel the deep warm soil of earth. I have a wonderful sense of humor thinking I am in control when God just proved me wrong. Hey, that’s why life is so amazing. The great unknown is waiting for me, all I have to do is trust in God and keep my eyes open.

Until next time, lovelies.

Time To Catch Up

      A lot has happened these past few months. April has came and is about to be gone. Seriously, where did the time go? Isn’t it crazy how we build our life around time? If you think about, we all do it! It’s just a matter of fact for us.

       I am always thinking about time. It could be “How much time do I have left on this test?”, “Do I have enough time to go here before work?”, or “How many more days until summer break?”. Oh, to answer the last question, it’s 15. 15 more days till I am free from Spring 2012 semester. See what I mean? Time controls us weather we like it or not. What would we do without time? For one thing, I do not mind it. But when it comes down to time running out, I get anxious.

      I am ending a chapter in my life. Yes, I am FINALLY graduating from my college that I have been attending to for the past few years! It feels great, but in all honesty, I am anxious. I have always had a plan before I ended each semester. For one thing, I knew the classes that I was taking next semester and was all registered. But since I am graduating, my routine is going to be different. I have to have a new plan. I have a few options that I am looking into but I am a woman of structure and planning. I like routine. Routine does not bore me. Routine is a blessing. I know what to do and how to do it. I am not a big fan to this thing called change. Don’t get me wrong, change can be good. But it isn’t something I am too entirely happy about.

       Imagine, you are on a path. You are very comfortable on this path. You know all the little cracks, as well as what landmark are next. In fact, you probably could be blindfolded, while someone could be spinning you around, and you could still walk that path in a straight line like both of your eyes were wide open. Well imagine your path spilt into two. Which new path would you take? Would you go right? Or would you go left? This is my conflicting battle. I want to analyze every single aspect of both roads. However, time is preventing that. I have to make my decision and it needs to be soon. I have been praying that God would highlight the path that is HIS will for me to go on. On thing that always confuses me as a Christian is that I can’t distinguish what is my idea to if it really is His idea. I can’t distinguish when I make a decision to if it is his approval of that decision. See, I probably sounds like a crazy person to you. Don’t I? Oh, well. Sooner or later, you would have found out that I am. Haha, I am teasing. But in all honesty, this is my biggest issue. I know God will pull me through, I just have to be still and listen. Fyi, being still is something I’m good at. Nevertheless, I would greatly appreciate the prayers and  I’ll keep you posted if I went right or left.

Now enough of the heavy!

Here are some photos from my party last month.


And Until next time, lovelies.



It’s been a long time coming.

I have put my blog on the back burner for awhile now. Believe me when I say, I did not forget about it. Over the past couple of months from starting this, I’ve realized I am not the type of “blogger” to just write every week. Honestly, I would feel like I would bore you all to death. I fear if I did that, it would come to the point where  I would write “Well on Tuesday, I ate a juicy apple and watched an entire season of “Downton Abbey“. (FYI, that show is absolutely brillant!) I write when I get inspired about a certain topic.

So what’s the topic for this blog post? Excellent question! Since it’s March, let’s talk about 3:16. I carefully decided that I would write about this certain topic because I don’t want to seem like I am creating a pattern every year. However, I know some of you are worried. So here it goes: My birthday is coming up, and for once, I am actually excited about it. I know some of you are still concerned about me when March 16th rolls around. And you know what? I am so humbly thankful for that. Honestly, God has put good hearted people in my life. There is probably a good handful of some that have no idea what I am talking about. So let me just give y’all a recap.

In mid February 2010, my father was admitted in the hospital. His health declined and on March 16th, I was forced to say my last goodbyes to him. March 16th, 1989, my father heard my first breath and on March 16th, 2010, I heard his last. Now, it has taken me a very long time to come where I am today. Let me be perfectly honest wit you. Yes, I am still sad. Yes, I get emotional at random times. Yes, some things that remind me of him triggers a sea of tears. Nobody can tell you when to grieve and when it’s time to stop. It never goes away. But with time, it gets easier. I find myself that I am not always thinking about it. It’s not that I don’t love him anymore, it’s just that I’ve come to the realization that I need to move on and live my life. After all, if my dad was here and saw me grieving every day, he would probably hit me on the side of the head and say “Hijita, quit your crying!” and would probably end it with a horrible joke and we would end up laughing. Him mainly laughing because he thought he was hysterical and me mostly laughing at him instead of laughing with him. His laugh was the best laugh I have ever heard!

For twenty-one years, I met the best man I could ever meet. I’ll always cherish the years I got to spend with him. Some might say it was tragic that he passed on a sensitive day. And last year, I would agree with you and say it is like a sick nightmare where I need to wake up. But now, I have another reason to celebrate. Let me elaborate before you judge that I’ve gone insane. I just have another great reason to be ever so thankful to celebrate my life. My dad and my Heavenly Father showed me that the time we have on this Earth is very precious. Thank the ever sweet Lord, he granted me another year of life. Not only can I celebrate my life, but my dad’s as well. He was very accomplished. I do realize that everybody’s definition of “accomplished” is different. But to me, well I couldn’t ever find a better example of an accomplished man, even if I wanted to.

That’s why I am done being sad on 3:16. Like I said, he would not want me to be sad every year. Birthday’s are special. They are meant to be celebrated and that’s what I am going to do. I am going to surround myself with the lovely, and ever so caring people in my life and be forever grateful that my dad, my hero, will always be apart of it.  My dad may not be here with me on Earth, but at a wonderful place called Heaven, he has everlasting life and continues to live on. (March 16th = 3:16) John 3:16

My lovely father celebrating his birthday.


What does love mean?

Since February is around the corner, and it is known for the month of love, I thought it would be appropriate blog post to discuss. By all means, love isn’t just appropriate  for one month. Love should not be categorized for only a certain period of time. We should always live our lives daily with overwhelming love. As I like to do, I found the definition of love.

Love – /ləv/ n.) An intense feeling of deep affection v.) to have love or affection for

So what does love mean to you?  I asked my 6 year old niece what love meant to her and her answer was simple; it means sweet. At first, I thought she did not understand the question but she further explained that love is sweet. Her love for her parents is because they are sweet, as well as chocolate. However, my lovely Mother’s definition of love is more serious.To her, love means having that warm feeling, that we all know about, and being close to someone. As you can see, love means different things to everyone. There is no right or wrong answer to what love really means.

So let me get a little personal. What does love mean to you? What’s the deepest definition of love?

Recently I was reminded how love can have several affects and emotions. Granted there are several types of love, but in this case I am going to talk about the type of love you desire in a relationship with a special someone. To clarify that we are on the same page, yes I am talking about the love that you have for your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband.

Now, some might think I am out of my place for writing such a subject, since I have not personally experience it myself. But I am here to say I do not have to personally experience love to enjoy the beauty it offers. As I have said before, I can be the most hopeless romantic and still not be naive about love. I am a firm believer of God’s perfect someone for everyone. I think we as a generation lose the sense of love. It is something we have to work at. I will be the first to admit how we attend to think love should be and we have TV shows and movies to blame for that. It’s human nature for us wanting to have that happy ending and  by all means, that’s fantastic. But to be perfectly honest, I feel like it has brainwashed us sometimes. Yes, love is kind but it can also be cruel, if it is not right.

The reason why I say how love is objectified in today’s generation is because a lot of people are so carefree. Carefree in what they look for. Carefree on how they act. Carefree on who they give their heart to. One particular show that comes to mind is, of course, “The Bachelor“. I watched one episode where one girl talked to him on the phone a couple of times and already knew that they were perfect for each other. In fact, she drove across the country to where she was going to tell him how she felt. Now I know it is a show that’s suppose to be “reality” and it is to some extent. But my point is, we, mostly females, do this to ourselves. Thinking there is a possibility of love, can makes us a little off balanced sometimes. Now before you tell me I am bitter, I am here to tell you I am not. I am probably the most hopeless romantic out there. I believe in the butterfly feeling, the first kiss and seeing fireworks while your foot is popped. I get all giddy in the part of the movie/tv show where you finally see the two people, who you know deserve each other, finally kiss and realize they are good together. Yes, I believe in all of that, but I am a realist who’s careful. I want love. I just want it with someone who is right for me and only God knows who that is.

I know everyone’s love is different. There are some cases where people dated for 2 months, got married and have been married till death parted them. That’s an incredible love story to hear because it makes that saying, “Once you know, you know” , so magical. But what I am trying to say is please be careful, followers.  I always encourage my group of close friends to write a list of qualifications they want to have their future spouse to have. Now, this is the part where you have to be realsitic. People are not perfect. There is no such thing has a perfect human being. Once you have your list, use it as a guideline. Trust me, this will save you unnecessary heartbreak in the future once you know what you want. I want you all to guard your heart but do not shield it. Make sense? Don’t let an opportunity of love pass you by. Just make sure, that person meets your qualifications. There could be a case where he or she does, but turns out they are not the one and that is perfectly okay. “There is plenty fish in the sea.”  So I enclose this ridiculous long blog post with one of my favorite quotes that my Pastor has always said. Believe me, it gets you to thinking.

“Be the person who you want to marry”.  – Pastor Gregg Matte

And don’t forget to let love in with your head on your shoulders.

Until next time lovelies.

Not your everyday cliché resolution

Is it too late to talk about resolutions?

Well, since it is the first week of January, I believe the topic of resolutions is still fresh. I have never really been the type of gal to make resolutions because I knew better. Now you might be thinking that this particular blog post will be dedicated to the cliché , dare I say it again, resolutions. However, you’ll find that you are partially right.

Today’s inspirational writing came from one of my favorite radio stations, Air1. The on air DJ was talking about his Pastor’s struggle to make resolutions. He felt that sitting there and focusing on a list of things he wants to do differently  was unbearable. So instead, he just focused on one. Yes, just one. Also, might I add that it wasn’t your cliché of “losing weight” or “becoming better organized”. Nope. Even for a spiritual leader, it wasn’t to “grow a deeper relationship with God”. His word he wanted to focus on more in his life was patience.

So, that’s what I am going to do. Not necessarily on patience, although I am quite sure some people would agree that I need to. But after some careful thought, I came up with a better suitable word for me. Present.  

Present (noun) /ˈprezəns/ –  The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.

After reflecting last year, I have noticed I was not present with a lot of family, friends, and even God. I consumed my life with work and school. There were times where I honestly did not realize that a day just passed. It was like my life was passing me by. Anytime I would hear someone say something like “School is the not the most important thing” my response was sarcastic. I would simply think  “Clearly they don’t care about their grades and is not pressured with keeping up a great GPA for their scholarship.”. Yes, I know I can be rude at times. Well 2012, consider me a present girl. I want to live in the present and not dwell with stress, as I did last year. Now, I still think that school and work is very important and I will strive for my very best. However, I am going to better balance my life. Prioritize, if you will. So you might ask what this really means. Well to me, I will clearly be there for the people that need me the most. I will attend more family events instead of locking myself in my room. I will be present and lose myself in God’s words and teachings. I cannot let life pass me by like it did last year. So with that said, I will be present.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.” – Henry David Thoreau 

So I ask you this, what’s your word you’ll focus on for the new year?

Until next time lovelies.

It’s about time.

Why, hello my fellow reader.

          I might say, you are quite brave to be reading my first official blog. As I am writing this, I shall add that I’m unsure what the soul purpose of this blog, my blog, is for. Nevertheless, I know this a place where I can unfold and just release any feeling I’ve beheld. I want my life to be filled with more inspiration, more color, and most definitely, more positive aspects. I have no doubt in my mind that this blog will bring that to me.

           With that spirit in mind, I hope you had a marvelous start of the new fantastic year of 2012. I, on the other hand, surely did. Despite my surgery, my family came over and kept me in good spirits. We took several pictures, which will probably never see the light of day, due to my puffy chipmunk cheeks.  But, God has really blessed me with such amazing people in my life. Especially my mother. God himself could not have gave me a better mom than the one I have. I am so stinking blessed to know the kind of motherly love that she has always showed me. She has cared for me the majority of my life and I have never been so grateful, especially  these past few days. The day of my surgery, she was like a new mother bringing home a newborn. Anytime I woke up, she was always right there by my side. As embarrassing as it sounds, she even had to feed me. But don’t worry, I made sure I recovered fast enough to feed myself. I am feeling a lot better due to my precious mother’s caregiving. She is a wonderful person and I am so happy to be her daughter.

Happy New Year.

Until next time lovelies.