Portfolio and Friday Nights

As a soon to be college graduate, there is a lot to think about on your last semester. You have to try to balance working on your portfolio while taking your last courses and don’t forget to add family/friend time in there. Yes, this might be my busiest semester, one reason being that I am taking over 18 hours. However, I do not mind it so much. I am thankful that I am kept busy. It makes me feel important. My last semester is consisting of more projects than anything. Hey, I don’t care because I am putting whatever I learn and do on my portfolio. The one thing that terrifies me the most is not being able to get a job as soon as I graduate. However, I just got to tell myself that if I can’t help it, will it over to God.

And my weekends are pretty much free, when I don’t have homework to catch up on. Friday’s, you will most likely see me attending Jessica’s games. So far I haven’t miss one yet. ( pats on the back) I love being the type of Aunt that attends any function my nieces and nephews have. It gives me joy being there and to support them.


Until Next Time,

                     Vanessa Flores


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