Last first day, ever!

Hello last first day!


Today is very bittersweet for me. I have not really sat down and feel exactly what emotions are going through me. I can surely say that happiness, nervousness, and sadness are the top three. So let me digest them on here. Happiness is because I am finally graduating! Hallelujah! Nervousness plays in affect because after December, my routine will change. Sadness is because I will not get to be back at this campus as a student. Most would be excited by this. However, I must confess that I am a little sad.

It is scary not knowing where you will end up after you graduate. Sure, I have a plan but if it isn’t God’s will, then it will not happen. Of course, I will try and try to achieve my plan until I am blue in the face. But if I get a clear, bright sign saying “GO ANOTHER DIRECTION”, then I will turn my course.

Someone had posted this from The Onion and I had a good laugh because it was relevant. I hope you enjoy!

Inspiration verse:


Until Next Time,

              Vanessa Flores


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