Catching y’all up.

Yes, it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here. Mainly because my blog was an assignment to update weekly. Now that it is summer, it isn’t required for that purpose. However, since then I have a lot to write about.

When I was on vacation I tried to spend as much time as I could with this little girls.




Of course, every time I’m in, I have to see my lovelies. 

The German & I had to do some shopping at the Galleria.
IMG_4073Off to the beach!


Melissa & I decided to try on hideous muumuus as a joke. Turns out, they were actually quite comfortable. Ha!


After all that fun, it was back to work.


IMG_4483IMG_4484 Other great news that I get to share is that my long time friend had her precious baby. I had so much fun buying outfits for her beautiful baby girl. Congratulations, Jennifer.


Come on, look how cute that face is! IMG_4506

Each post, I am going to start sharing a comforting verse that I find. And this verse has been appearing to me more than once. So enjoy lovelies.


         Until Next Time,

                                               Vanessa  Flores


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