Every choice that I’ve made in the past has led me here. I made the choice to move to Texas to get a different experience. And I did just that. There were days where I felt like I wasted my time in Texas where I had what I really wanted and needed right underneath my nose. If I had known what I wanted to do sooner, maybe I would have branched to find that ATU had it. Maybe I would have been set and already graduated if I had did that. But apart of me thinks, that is just silly to think that way. You want to know why? Because I would not have met the incredible people in Texas. I would not have met my friendship soul mate, I would not have learned half of the things that I learned in Texas. Believe it or not, it was a blessing how my road was paved. I am thankful and I would not change a thing.

Until Next Time,

      Vanessa Flores

Photo on 2011-01-05 at 13.33 #2


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