So here is another blog about my dog, Remi. If they ever trend a crazy dog lady, instead of crazy cat lady, I would be top of the list. This is probably a filler blog for me since nothing too much has been going on other than finals are around the corner and this is my last full week of classes.

Anytime I leave the house, Remi gives me the full on guilty face. I hate leaving him in the mornings or any time, for that matter. He has been such a blessing to our family. However, when storms come in, he can be annoying. Ha!

NEVER THE LESS, there is a solution to this problem, I recently found.  My sister took him to the vet because Remi needed to get his shots and possibly wanted to talk about getting him on anxiety medication. Well, the vet offered another solution where we didn’t have to force pills down his throat. There is this thing called an “Anxiety Wrap“. Also, today I head about it on the radio where several people called in and said that is has been a blessing when storms come in. I think today, I might check if the local pet stores have it (since a storm might possibly come through). It might be costly, but it will be worth every penny.

Until Next Time,

                                          Vanessa Flores



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