Being a full time student, my weeks are chaotic. I have little time for myself, let alone my family. The weekends are the only time I can really visit with them.  So I wanted to spend time with my beautiful nieces and my nephew. We decided to go paint some pottery. I use to spend all my money at the theaters but I am very fond on spending my money at Potter Worx. We left early so we could spend as much time we needed on our creativity. When we were heading that way, we saw the Google Maps car. SCORE! That’s twice this year that we have seen it. So if you are ever looking at google maps, try to see if you can find us on I-40 waving at the camera.

Finally we are arrived to Pottery Worx and picked out what we wanted. After that, we grabbed a bite to eat at the yummy restaurant, Stoby’s. Then we headed to Lake Dardanelle State Park and quite enjoyed nature’s finest. Here are some pictures of our Saturday adventure.

Until Next Time,

      Vanessa Flores

Google MapsIMG_3788 IMG_3790 IMG_3797 IMG_3801 IMG_3802IMG_3812 IMG_3820 IMG_3816 IMG_3813


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