Cory & Topanga.

When I was younger I enjoyed watching the show “Boy Meets World“. The dynamic of the characters of Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence always fascinated me. I believe that show was the first realization where I would confuse the line of fiction and reality. It was the first show where I grew to love made up characters. When you are younger, it is hard to fathom that the characters you see on tv are not real. Or at least not back then where it was rare to see “reality tv”.

Now that they are making a sequel series called “Girl Meets World“, you bet your bottom dollar I am excited. I recently read an article where it gives you reasons why Cory and Topanga’s love will ruin your expectations of love because theirs were perfect. You should check it out because it quite humorous.

Until next time,

  Vanessa Flores



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