Okay, Universe.

During the week, I normally don’t adventure out of the house. My daily routine is two locations. Which are home and school. One of the main reasons is because of gas. I like to ease on my wallet as much as possible, so I don’t travel as much during the week. However, this week, mom and I went to a few places. (We used her car, ha!)  Last week, my precious mother somehow got water in her phone and caused her not to have one for a couple of days. So Monday, we traveled to Fort Smith to see what AT&T can do for her. We waited for awhile until someone could get to us, and what do you know, it has a guy I went to school with. Small world! While he was helping us, a stylish woman came into the store and was purchasing something. The lady that was helping her had to go to the back for something and the stylish woman commented on my eyelashes. We had a short conversation and she gave me a card and offered me a job. She works for the doctors of Proactive. WHAT?!  I was so shocked that this happened to me!

Well, it gets better. After discovering I will have to  be on camera, I had to find a nice outfit! FAST! Well madre and I went to Fay town to find something. We went into NY & Company was greeted with a warm smile! My reaction, of course, was to give the same warm smile. After talking  to her, Brittany, for a few minutes, she asked “Where do you work?” After giving her my answer, she asked “Do you want a job?” She continued to compliment my personality. And said, if I EVER live up here, I should fill out an application. Again, WHAT?!

This NEVER happens to me. Especially twice in one week!

I hope this blog post didn’t sound “braggish” (that’s not even a real word) However, I just wanted to share my surreal experiences with you.

Until Next Time,

 Vanessa Flores

(Here is a random picture of me)

DSCN3111 - Version 3


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