Oh, Remington.

IMG_3109 Because of Remington, my beloved Springer Spaniel, I am thankful for pet groomers. Earlier this week, I made an appointment for Remi to be groomed. I was getting to the point where I was tired of having his long hair all over me after he would affectionally tackle me. But it didn’t matter if I petted him that day, somehow I would find his hair on me. So, I did some research to find a pet groomer. Luckily, I found one that had great reviews and was located close by my college. I took Remi to Canine Design. Overall,the service was good. However, Remington was not too happy with me. The picture above on the left is what he looked like and the picture on the right is after I got him from the groomers. He was pouting. Ha!


Until Next Time,

Vanesa Flores


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