It’s that time again..

Hello everyone,

It’s that time again where I pick a theme and write a blog three times a week for one of my classes. Last semester, I picked the theme of quotes. Well this semester, I am choosing the theme of praising of what I am thankful for. Sometimes life takes you to place where you just forget how much you are blessed. I don’t want to take my many blessings for granted. I want to show and tell what I am thankful for. Now, I can’t predict the future but I am sure I will post some serious blessings down to silly blessings. Hey, blessings are blessings!

So let’s begin this.

Today I have been thankful for a great friend and her lovely son.

IMG_2406Today, I went to go visit Sara and her baby. It has been a month since I saw them. A month is too long! I was greeted by a hug from both of them. Believe it or not, baby actually gives hugs! No matter how busy her day gets, she always sends me a text just to ask how I am. It’s rare to find a great wholesome friend like that. I am very thankful for these two in my life.


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