24 Hour Technology Detox

 Wednesday’s Technology Detox

Wednesday was when I had my 24 hour technology detox. This was also the day where we had our family Thanksgiving and I knew if I had my family over, it wouldn’t be so hard. I also started the detox at 8:00 pm on Tuesday. I knew if I included my sleeping hours in there, it wouldn’t be too difficult and I could knock off some hours.

So Wednesday morning, I had my mother wake me up to help prepare for our Thanksgiving feast. I normally will wake up to my alarm set on my phone, so it was pretty weird to actually get physically waken up at 7. From then I helped my mom prepare the dinner and deserts.This is where it got tricky. I couldn’t use the electric mixer so actually had to mix all the ingredients myself. I didn’t realize how much we rely on technology in the kitchen. Since I was not sure about the oven being part of the “technology detox” I had to have my mother use it while I had set up the table. The whole preparing and cooking process took about 5 hours.  Our family started to come over around 1 and that is when we had our lunch/dinner. We had everyone at the table and just talked and ate.

At this point, my family knew I had this project and actually willing to join in for the remainder of my hours left. When they came over, the also brought a bunch of board games. My mother had the tv unplugged, so it would not tempt my nieces and nephews to turn the tv on. By the time everyone was done eating, we sat in the living room around 4. Our first game that we played was Apples to Apples. That is our favorite game to play since everyone can in our family can play this game. I honestly don’t know how many games we played but it was after 5 till we decided to play another game for those we wanted to stay and play. Since there was only four people remaining, we played Trouble. Which is was one of my dad’s favorite games. My family started to leave our house around 7 and I decided to finish a book I have been rereading which is The Host, by Stephine Meyer.

Honestly, the 24 hour technology was not so hard for me since I had a lot to do. The only thing that was hard was to make sure I didn’t use technology due to the cooking process. Usually if I don’t remember how a recipe goes, I can easily look it up on my laptop. I had to have my mom call my sister to write down the step by step with the 4 layer delight desert. Since I prepared myself with the detox, I had my mother take my phone and laptop and hide it so I would not tempt to peek. Which in my case, it worked. By the time I knew it, it was 8 and i was off the hook. But I went ahead and didn’t touch anything technology for the sake I can do it for the remainder of the day. In that time, I got to finish my book and got a good nights rest.


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