Breaking Dawn Part 2.

 “And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.”

Yes, I did go see the new Breaking Dawn movie at “midnight” last night. Technically when I got the tickets, they didn’t have a showing for midnight but had a showing at 10 pm. But hey, don’t mind me, I liked that a lot better since I got home earlier than I would have if I saw it at midnight. As of now, I am walking around the campus like a zombie. I am so tired but it was so worth it spending quality time with friends. I will not comment on the movie but I will say there was a “twist” like they said.

It’s sad to say that I use to be one of those fan girls that would get all hyped up about the new installment of the saga. Of course, I was a little sadden that the saga has ended but I have much better things to look forward to. For example, Catching Fire, the second movie for The Hunger Games series and as well as another Stephine Meyer book turn into a movie, The Host.


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