“The One.”

 “Become the person you want to marry.” – Gregg Matte

So people complain how they don’t understand why they can’t find a nice guy or gal. I have noticed that in some cases, not all, those people do not date “nice” people. When I lived in Houston, I heard the most astonishing sermon from Gregg Matte. He used seven words that would change my view of dating and even marriage. Those simple but life changing words were “Become the person you want to marry.” How simple is that? If you demand something in your significant other, you better be sure that you are the same as well. For example, if you want a guy who is pure and is waiting, you better be pure yourself. If you demand that your girl should be fit, you better be sure that you are fit!  But in a Christian view, this is amazing. Because not only does it truly make you think about what you want, it most importantly makes you view your life.

Many people out there know that I want a man that will lead his family into a Godly lifestyle. I just need a Godly man to challenge me in my faith. Well in order for me to get that, I have to be as Godly as I can be and pray. A lady you demands these sort of quailites has to be the same as well. It would be a different story for me to demand a Godly man but then I have a lifestyle that does not fit the word “Godly.” So really look at yourself and figure out what you want in a significant other. Because I always say to my friends, never settle.


Until next time,

 Vanessa Flores


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