“Never deliberate what is clearly wrong, and try to persuade yourself that it is not.” -Frederick Temple

Temptation is everywhere. It is where Satan wants to provoke us to do wrong. He obviously is not on our side. Just recently, I have noticed where temptation has been trying to provoke me. Thanks to my momma’s teaching and God’s way, I am too stubborn to look at that direction. However, I know some are not so fortunate as me. For those who struggle whatever temptation that you have, I am here to say have a countability partner. You can’t do it alone. Allow someone to know and you are on the track to taking the higher road. Don’t be ashamed, your true friends will not cast a judgement on you. Promise. In my situation, I have had someone in my past contacting me. It is a person who I once held dearly to my heart. But now they we’re both grown ups and the other person has a family of their own, I know better. Also, that person knows better. Because I know I want what’s better for me, I ended it before it began. But it was just weird timing when that person try to come back into my life. It was a time where I was not my regular self. All I can say, it was Satan’s timing. And Satan’s timing is not place where you want to be. So keep your head up, it will get better.

Until next time

Vanessa Flores


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