“The biggest lie is the truth you are afraid of telling”- Jarvis Duvel Gayden

You know how we think that if we don’t tell them the truth then we aren’t lying to people we care about? All of us think this way. Well truth be told, it is a lie. The truth we hold back is not being honest and well, let’s face it isn’t truthful. Is it? I know sometimes, we as humans, don’t want to hurt others that is why we hold the truth. But you know what? People are more hurt when you hold the truth from them then anything else. I know if we are scared to tell them the truth, we don’t want to start a conflict. But think of this, by telling them the truth, for whatever it is, we are helping them as well as our situation. So give it sometime to think about what you are so scared to tell them, think of an appropriate way to do it, and just tell them the truth. I promise, in the long run it will work out for your good.

Until next time

 Vanessa Flores


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