“The best way to find if you can trust someone is to trust them” – Earnest Hemingway

How many times have you heard the word trust? What does it really mean? Well the definition of trust means reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety or a person or thing; confidence. I am sure we all know what trust is but do we know how to use it correctly? Nope and it is a darn shame too. However, some knows how to practice it and respect it. While others destory what little they have left of trust. Different scenerios can play out to the reason why this happens. I am ready for the world to start believing again and learn how to trust people. I do believe that trust should be earned. In fact, it is smart not to just give out your trust away but you need to keep in my mind to learn how to credit people. Just have confidence in humanity again.

Until next time

 Vanessa Flores


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