Matthew 13:23

 “He who received the seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it and bears fruit.”

Breaking down Matthew 13:23 helps you understand it a lot better. In this message, it is clear. It is one big metaphor.  The main focus is the soil, inner of your soul, not the content of the seed or the actions of the sower. The seed is God’s word. His word is always good. It is there to never to blame nor to be seen as corrupt or as in this case, a defective seed that failed to do it’s duty and grow. The soil represents a person’s heart, personality, will and emotions . IN order for your seed to grow, your soil needs to be full of nutrients and furtile. This is where we come in.  In order to receive God, we must prepare our emotions and it must be constant. We must allow Him in our hearts. Too often we feel we can do things on our own but there is where we are wrong. So my challenge for you is to let God in and let Him work in your life to grow as he wants you to.

Until next time,

  Vanessa Flores


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