One life.

“I’ve learned that no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with. It kind of brings you back down to earth again.” – Alan Weddle

How many times do we forget to have fun? Majority of adults lose their ability to have fun due to harsh circumstances that we have to face day to day. We lose our inner child. I have been guilty for being a worry wart and sometimes forget that I only get this one life. I need to enjoy it as much as I can because we never know when our number is up. I do realize that there are a lot of times where we need to take life serious. That is why we need that special someone to always keep us grounded. To tell us that everyone thing is okay. And when it isn’t, that person will be there to tell us to take a breath and breathe. In my life, I’ve had the pleasure to counter so many people to bring me back on this earth and give me a good laugh when I need it. Needless to say,  I am very grateful and very appreciative that God granted me them in my life. So as you ponder onto this post, ask yourself if you have that one friend that can bring you back to life.

Until next time,

Vanessa Flores


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