Where did all of our girl’s self-esteem go? Tell me. Where? Today, we live in a society where the media poisons our young ladies minds. The stress and stress how they should be in this world. They tear down their self-esttem to brainwash them to think they have to be this skinny, or they have to wear this brand, or they have to be this tall to be called beautiful. Honestly, it breaks my heart that a lot of girls listen to this load of crap. I have 4 nieces and they are my world. I practice to teach them true beauty. To be beautiful, you should focus on the inside instead of out. Girls are too young to be having low self-esteem and worry about the outer apperance. I am not saying that they should look like a slob and not care what they look like. All I am saying is that it shouldn’t be their main focus like the media says. We should encourage to have them EMBRACE their flaws. Our flaws are what makes us beautiful. Honestly, it does.

To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives. – Denis Waitley

What Waitley said has a lot of truth. Stop focusing the negative in your lives. If you just focus on that, you might as well live under a rock. I know that is harsh but it is true. When you focus on the negative, you become cold. Cold to yourself and others around you. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking about your failures. It is not going to help you move on. Just strive for your best and have a better outlook on life. You will make it. I promise. And remember you are beautiful and you are important. After all, God allowed you to have another day of life, so don’t waste it.

Until next time,

 Vanessa Flores


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