Be Kind.

                                      I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and the quote “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” has been tattooed on my heart. If you really take time and observe, God’s word teaches that. The aftermath of my father’s passing, I had to continue with my life. I went through all that pain, sorrow, tears, and here I was, a couple weeks later, in school where everyone is oblivious of what I went through because they simply didn’t know me and my situation. I was back into reality, trying to readjust. That dramatic crisis opened my heart so much more to numerous of things and I really believe that God had that intended for me. Not to break me down when I was so high, not to make me doubt, but to make me so stronger in Him.But what strucks me the most is being kind to others. When I was suffering, just a simple smile uplifted my spirits. Now, I’m aware and trying to work on it. So let’s just stop and think what we need to work on. I am very guilty of honking at the person in front of me for taking their sweet time turning into a street or getting mad at the person ahead of me who has 10x’s more items than you at the register. I need to work on patience. Who knows, that person that was in front of me turning slowly, may have received bad news. Does my honking and being impatient help me get to my destination faster? No. But most importantly, does it help him/her? NOPE!!!! In fact, I could just made their situation worse for simply not caring with my rude gestures. I’ve been praying for patience. There is a lot more things in my life that needs to be fixed, but I’m taking one step at a time. No matter what your mood is, be kind to others. You never know, that person beside you could be hurting so much inside, but your simple gesture helped brighten their day just a bit. Please, keep that in mind.


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