Keep Your Eyes Open

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote on here and might I add that there has been some changes in my life. From my last post, I mentioned about my path and how it was being split. Because of the split, I was forced to make a choice to go right or to go left. Well, I am here to say I went left.

I’ve done some major soul searching and some constant praying before I made my decision. This decision was based on a lot of factors. I went through the whole process with talking to everyone I knew, trying to give it to God, making a list that consist of Pro’s and Con’s, to even at one point where I just wanted to draw from a hat. Just for the record, my decision wasn’t based on that last one.

I remember listening to this song by one of my favorite bands. And the truth just hit me. I knew I got my answer. So now, I guess I am officially announcing that I moved back to my home state. There, I will be continuing my education. As much as I said in the past where I didn’t think I would EVER move back, it just goes to show that God has different plans for me right now. Yes, I must admit that I will deeply miss Houston but that doesn’t mean that I will never see it again. Also, only God knows where I will sink my roots.

Houston, Texas will forever be a part of me. It honestly changed my life. It is a place where I can look at and say it was where I finally, and true heartily understood Christ’s love. It is a place where not only did I become a sister to my brother and sister-in-law, but actually a friend. It is the place where I have met people that will forever impact my life, you know who you are. It is a place where I learned how to two step. A place where I got to experience things that only a small town gal like myself could only dream of. The list is infinite. Houston is infinite.


As much as it is weird to be back home, I know God wants me to keep my eyes open. Just because I am back doesn’t mean I am here for good. I picture myself living and working somewhere up North. Maybe a place where Fall is always welcomed? But the last time I said never, God laughed and uprooted me  before my roots could feel the deep warm soil of earth. I have a wonderful sense of humor thinking I am in control when God just proved me wrong. Hey, that’s why life is so amazing. The great unknown is waiting for me, all I have to do is trust in God and keep my eyes open.

Until next time, lovelies.


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