Time To Catch Up

      A lot has happened these past few months. April has came and is about to be gone. Seriously, where did the time go? Isn’t it crazy how we build our life around time? If you think about, we all do it! It’s just a matter of fact for us.

       I am always thinking about time. It could be “How much time do I have left on this test?”, “Do I have enough time to go here before work?”, or “How many more days until summer break?”. Oh, to answer the last question, it’s 15. 15 more days till I am free from Spring 2012 semester. See what I mean? Time controls us weather we like it or not. What would we do without time? For one thing, I do not mind it. But when it comes down to time running out, I get anxious.

      I am ending a chapter in my life. Yes, I am FINALLY graduating from my college that I have been attending to for the past few years! It feels great, but in all honesty, I am anxious. I have always had a plan before I ended each semester. For one thing, I knew the classes that I was taking next semester and was all registered. But since I am graduating, my routine is going to be different. I have to have a new plan. I have a few options that I am looking into but I am a woman of structure and planning. I like routine. Routine does not bore me. Routine is a blessing. I know what to do and how to do it. I am not a big fan to this thing called change. Don’t get me wrong, change can be good. But it isn’t something I am too entirely happy about.

       Imagine, you are on a path. You are very comfortable on this path. You know all the little cracks, as well as what landmark are next. In fact, you probably could be blindfolded, while someone could be spinning you around, and you could still walk that path in a straight line like both of your eyes were wide open. Well imagine your path spilt into two. Which new path would you take? Would you go right? Or would you go left? This is my conflicting battle. I want to analyze every single aspect of both roads. However, time is preventing that. I have to make my decision and it needs to be soon. I have been praying that God would highlight the path that is HIS will for me to go on. On thing that always confuses me as a Christian is that I can’t distinguish what is my idea to if it really is His idea. I can’t distinguish when I make a decision to if it is his approval of that decision. See, I probably sounds like a crazy person to you. Don’t I? Oh, well. Sooner or later, you would have found out that I am. Haha, I am teasing. But in all honesty, this is my biggest issue. I know God will pull me through, I just have to be still and listen. Fyi, being still is something I’m good at. Nevertheless, I would greatly appreciate the prayers and  I’ll keep you posted if I went right or left.

Now enough of the heavy!

Here are some photos from my party last month.


And Until next time, lovelies.




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