I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!

As reported, the ice came and then the snow. It is incredible to see more than 1 inch of snow on the ground. Ice is what us Arkansans are used to. However, we got a special treat Thursday morning with some beautiful snow.

Remington loves playing in the snow. As well as eating it.

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My sister, nephew, mom, and I have been locked in the house for the past two days. You would think that would be a bad mix. However, it has created memories that I will cherish for a long time. We may have cabin fever, but laughter trumps it.


Final Photo Project.

Due to the confusion of dates and when things are due, I did my final photo session way early. I thought it was due this Monday. However, I found real quickly, that was a mistake. That is what I get for not really looking at my planner.

I took photos based on James Houston‘s collection.  Our assignment is to mock three photos of a photographer of our choosing. I was inspired by Houston’s work with models and holi. So I bought some online and requested overnight shipping ($15 worth) and got the stuff right away.

My nieces were my models. My mom hung old sheets in our carport to make my mini “studio”. I am quite impressed with my photos even though the holi didn’t do as great as I would like.

IMG_7987 IMG_7996 IMG_8002

Colder Weather!

You know what is funny? People that complain that it is too hot and they are ready for winter. But when winter comes, they complain that it is too cold. Tisk, tisk. Unlike them, I am love the cold weather. This coming weekend, we will get some freezing temperatures according to 5 news‘ meteorologist, Garrett Lewis. After saying that, I hope you all have your warm coats on and your fashionable scarf on because the coldness is heading our way!


I am all for snow. However, I do not like ice. Last Monday, I missed class due to sleet on the roads. I was not worried getting to class but was nervous driving back after my night class.

Happy December 1st!

Wow! Where did the month of November go? It feels like one moment we were celebrating the first of the month and then the next we were celebrating Thanksgiving. And now, hello December. I can’t believe I will be graduating soon. This is my last full week of class and then I am done for good!


Is it bad that my mom and I already put the Christmas tree up? We put it up before Thanksgiving. Thanks to Hallmark, I had the urge to put up all decorations up.  Yes, I am one of those people! I had my nieces to come over to help us and we made a day out of it. All in all, it was a complete success.

Catching Fire!

Last night was the “midnight” premiere of the second installment of The Hunger Games franchise, Catching Fire.

This book my Collins is one of my favorites out of the series. I think the number one reason why I enjoyed it is because of the clever foreshadowing and the arena. Also, the character developments of my beloved favorite characters.


Two friends and my oldest niece went to the 8 p.m. showing at Malco theaters in Van Buren. I quite enjoyed how they moved the showtimes early because that means I can come home earlier.

For my review of the movie, it was incredible. Of course it is not 100% like the book but it was pretty darn close. But don’t leave it up to my opinion and make your own by watching it.


Wednesday and Thursday of this week I had experience the time of my life. I was lucky enough to work on a music video for a country artist. My professor approached me a few weeks ago with this opportunity  and of course I say YES! Finally the week came and we all gathered to meet with producers and director of photography of the shoot. Let me tell you, never in my life have I been so inspired with other peoples creativity and hard dedication. The producers for the shoot were sisters from Hester house production, Jessica and Kristen and the director of photography was Derek who did movies. Such as Life of Pi, Transformers and Hugo. I will never forget the wonderful opportunity and I am even more driven to make my dreams come true.


Zola Fest

I was fortunate enough to help cover a remarkable event in the community called Zola fest. Zola fest is a fundraiser for children in the area who currently are battling or have had battled pediatric cancer. The festival all started with a little girl called Zola Prati who is diagnosed with a rare liver cancer. Her mom and the help of her friends helped throw the very first event to raise money for them and 5 other families with the expenses. It was incredible experience that I will never forget. For their very first event, it went successful. The event consisted of a 5k/family walk and a family fall festival afterwards. If you want more information about Zola, you can check out her facebook page that her mom updates.